Drum is a percussion instrument.

Any age is a good age to begin the study of drums or any percussion instruments. Students with drum music background will be very good in counting rhythm.

For beginner learner, topics like understanding the 4/4 backbeat, reading rhythms, snare drum rudiments and playing basic grooves using the bass and snare drums will be included.

As for intermediate students, they will be learning topics about advanced rudiments, playing fills, using the hi-hat and ensemble with other musicians.

As for advanced students, teachers will teach topics about playing in different genres, developing stamina and studying the playing styles of famous drummers.

Lesson details are as below. Please do contact 03-5611 7732 for more information about our lesson fees.

  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • 4 lessons per month
  • one to one individual lesson
  • examination of Trinity, Rock School (for Electric Guitar/Drum) and A.B.R.S.M are provided (with certificate)


Introducing an Instrument