Saxophone is a woodwind instrument.

Young children around age 7 or 8 will be able to begin their Saxophone lesson. The Saxophone can be rather large instruments for kids, so take this into consideration when choosing an instrument for them. The Saxophone is also a great instrument for adults wishing to learn another instrument or pick one up for the first time.

As for the beginner, teacher may starts with basics like horn assembly, embouchure technique, finger position, tone control and note reading.

As for the intermediate students, they will learn about subjects like the chromatic scale, major and minor scales in 12 keys, learning standards and music theory.

Besides the basics, you might want to know more about modes, chord substituations, blowing overtones, and learning contemporary jazz tunes.

Lesson details are as below. Please do contact 03-5611 7732 for more information about our lesson fees.

  • 1 hour per lesson
  • 4 lessons per month
  • one to one individual lesson
  • examination of Trinity, Rock Shool (Electric Guitar/Drum) and A.B.R.S.M are provided (with certificate)


Introducing an Instrument