Violin is the highest sound pitch instrument among all the string instruments.

As for Violin, children around age 5 and above or may be older.

Normally, as you first join the Violin lesson, you may learn things like holding the bow properly, producing a good sound, playing in tune, proper left hand position, reading music and much more. Students might be able to learn note-reading so do as ear-training skills while learning to play Violin with the proper technique.

Besides, if you are an intermediate or advanced player, teacher will figure a teaching plan based on your needs as a student.

Obviously, 15-30 minutes of daily practice is required. Parents are strongly encourage to attend the lesson with their child, especially those who are age around 5 to 7 years old.

Lesson details are as below. Please do contact 03-5611 7732 for more information about our lesson fees.

  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • 4 lessons per month
  • one to one individual lesson
  • examination of Trinity, Rock Shool (Electric Guitar/Drum) and A.B.R.S.M are provided (with certificate)


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